Wednesday 15 March 2017

IT startup shows modern way of monitoring & management

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Software product SNAMP was created by startup Bytex Solutions in 2016 to increase monitoring and management capabilities. Our product erases differences between numerous monitoring protocols. It also exposes the necessary information in a way convenient for your existing monitoring solution such as Nagios, Zabbix, System Center Operations Manager etc.

Now we are announcing the expansion of product positioning to cover more cases. The new paradigm is to perform not only monitoring functions, but also independently performing actions aimed at stabilizing the emergency situation. Therefore, we have a plan to implement three key features within a single innovative product:

  • Monitoring using metrics, health checks and alerts including user-defined watchers of necessary metrics;
  • End-to-end (E2E) analysis - when SNAMP is capable to discover communication paths in real-time between different applications in data center;
  • Controling the scalability of clusters in data center. Today this functionality is well known as automatic scaling or elasticity management.

These features will allow us to position SNAMP as monitoring, distributed tracing and elasticity management system aligned with requirements for microservices and DevOps.

New functionality is available through our own web-based interface as well as other visualization tools such as Grafana. E2E analysis includes the support for Twitter Zipkin. Automatic scalability will be supported for OpenStack and Kubernetes. SNAMP product's web site also will be redesigned to reflect the new capabilities of our product.

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